Obi Culotte Winter 2018 Colors

Obi Culotte Winter 2018 Colors


The feminine yet masculine waist design that echos the feel of a tuxedo, was inspired by the 17th century Japanese high courtesan’s way to tie an Obi.

Maison Murasaki has always been influenced by both feminine and masculine way of dress. The tailored cut of these trousers made up in beautiful pastels, the combination of the wool men’s wear suiting fabric and lush silk satin, is an ode to all strong women.

We all posses both feminine and masculine qualities within us. Which side you identify more with, is up to you. Live your life in your true form in these trousers!

  • Material. 100% Worsted Wool with 100% Silk Satin

  • Lined in 100% Silk

  • Pleated High Waist Band with Side Zipper

  • Made to measure. Please submit THIS FORM in time of ordering.

  • Colors. Choose from this collection’s colors, Periwinkle, Oiran Pink or Forest Green. Please see all photos for color combinations offered for the silk satin details. Please choose your combination from the Color field drop down.

  • These Cullotes can also be made in any color. Please email us if you would like to have a custom color combination.

    Current production time is 4-6 weeks. No order deadline for this item.

    You can choose your payment options....

    • Full payment upfront (via this website)

    • 50% deposit upfront, 50% before shipping (please email us, and we will set you up via Paypal Invoice)

    • A payment plan of up to 4 payments. (please email us, and we will set you up via Paypal Invoice)

    For more payment information, please read this page.

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