Photo By  Rose Callahan

Photo By Rose Callahan

About Maison Murasaki by Maki Obara

Originally, Maison Murasaki was established in 2012, by Maki Obara in NYC. Even though having a successful collection and regularly catching eyes of industry professionals and Hollywood celebrities, the company had to regretfully shut it's doors temporarily. 

Slowly but surely, Maki Obara re-established Maison Murasaki in 2016, with a different concept. Combining her love of vintage, and couture of all decades, Maison Murasaki brings you couture quality original designs with a flare of the past. Our philosophy is to create special pieces that will last for 100 years to come, and can be handed down and cherished.

" All of my creations are my babies. I am handing you a part of my soul. If my garments can bring the wearer a sense of joy, empowerment and emotion, then I will consider it a success"

- Maki

Maison Murasaki was named after Murasaki Shikibu (Lady Murasaki). She was the first female novelist in 11th century Japan, who wrote The Tale of Genji, and the novel is considered to be the oldest novel in history, still charting the best seller's list in this modern age. Maki named the company after Lady Murasaki, to pay homage to all the strong, beautiful and intelligent women, and to keep her Japanese background deeply rooted into the label. Murasaki also means Purple in Japanese, and one of Maki's favorite colors next to red.

Short Biography of Maki

After earning BA Honors in Fashion Design and Fashion Print from Central Saint Martins College of Art & Design in London, Maki has worked with companies such as Vivienne Westwood and CELINE. She is now based in NYC, creating one peice at a time with her own hands.