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eye of the sakura storm collection


Introducing the Eye of the Sakura Storm Collection


The cherry blossom flowers are my absolute favorite. It is the national flower of Japan and the nation anticipates it’s bloom eagerly every year, followed by many celebrations to purely admire it’s beauty. The entire island of Japan starts to turn pink, and when the petals starts to fall, what us Japanese call “Sakura Fubuki”, a “cherry blossom storm” happens. You will literally live in a pink world, walking on a cushion of pink petals. coming home with bits of spring in your hair.

There was one event that reminded me of this phenomenon. The first Women’s March in 2017. We painted the world pink that day. Please don’t let that spirit fade. We need to keep fighting for our rights. We all inch towards death the moment we are born. During the short time on earth, we have to live. We have to bloom. No matter how small or big you live life, live it beautifully and honorably. Don’t be a tornado ripping through, destroying everything in your path. Be like a Sakura Storm and support each-other to cause a phenomenon. When tiny individual petals come together, it causes a wonderful, beautifully strong storm that makes the world a better place. And when you fall to the ground, get up, grow, and do it all over again, so you can bloom and cause a stronger storm. Some like to say women are frail flowers, but we are not. We are a force, we are the Eye of the Sakura Storm.

This collection is dedicated to all women. All, who identify as women, and all who support women.

Love, Maki


Back to basics collection


Introducing the Back to Basics Collection


Sometimes, in order to progress, one must go back their basics. There is a Japanese proverb “Shoshin Wasurerubekarazu” that teaches you to never forget where you came from, never forget your first intentions, and most importantly to never forget the passion you had at the very beginning.

Maison Murasaki is going through a turning point, and I wanted to design a collection that went back to where I started as a designer, and update it with the 2018 version of myself.

The Obi inspired neck line, the gingham, the lace, the beading, the daises. Each element holds a meaning in my life. Maybe I will tell you some stories one day….

Each piece will be made with extra hope and love, so that the Maison Murasaki clothes can remind you of how far you have come, and carry you into a wonderful future.

Most importantly, don’t forget to go back to your basics sometimes, to reignite your passion and to stay grounded.

Love, Maki


Sparkling spiderweb skirt


Introducing the Sparkling Spiderweb Collection


A freshly formed spiderweb sparkling on branches of dewy morning flowers, will make one appreciate the wonders and the beauty of nature.

Also taking inspiration from Edo Period Japanese art with spiderwebs, Maison Mursaki has combined the beloved Japanese Kikyo flower details to the design of this skirt.

We hope this Sparkling Spiderweb skirt will transport you to a dewy, smokey morning in a bygone era. 


Sparkling spiderweb Beret


Introducing the Sparkling Spiderweb Beret


This Beret hat was created for those who might want a touch of glamour in everyday items.

It will be a perfect piece for you to wear for those days you don't want to get dressed up, but still feel the need to get energy from pretty things.

The Sparkling Spiderweb Beret is hand embroidered and crafted with the same material and attention as the skirt. Go ahead and add a touch of couture to your everyday life!


Daffodil Skirt

2017-05-02 01.53.01.jpg

Introducing the Daffodil Skirt


There is nothing like a field full of Daffodils to feel the joy of Spring's arrival.

Maison Murasaki brings you that joy on this skirt. The handcrafted 3D Daffodils will dance on your hem, and bring you the beauty of spring, whenever you wear it.

As the first offer after the re-brith of Maison Murasaki, we hope this skirt will remind you that Spring will always come, no matter what.